Shelf is the soundscape of the space between dissociation and belonging written by Gillian Stone  

Gillian Stone – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, ARP Odyssey 
Michael Peter Olsen – Moog, ARP Odyssey
Spencer Cole – drums, electronic percussion  

Produced by Michael Peter Olsen and Gillian Stone in Uncomfortable Silence in Toronto  
Engineered and mixed by Michael Peter Olsen  
Additional drum engineering by Spencer Cole  
Thanks to Sam Gleason for engineering assistance on drums  
Mastered by David Travers-Smith 
Album photography by Kira May


Wait for me. 
I said wait, please. 
I’ve been a long time running. 
I want to put you on a shelf that’s nice and sturdy,  
to collect dust in sunbeams until I’m ready. 

Wait for me. 
I am late to the party. 
I’ve been wasting all my breath on a corpse, making memories for nothing.  
I’m heavy, but I’m not that far away. 

I’m not that far away. 

Wait for me. 
I said wait, please, what’s the hurry baby?