Bridges is the soundscape of recovery written by Gillian Stone 

Gillian Stone – vocals, guitars, bass, Moog 
Michael Peter Olsen – e-cello 
Spencer Cole – drums 

Produced by Michael Peter Olsen and Gillian Stone in Uncomfortable Silence in Toronto 
Engineered and mixed by Michael Peter Olsen 
Additional drum engineering by Spencer Cole 
Thanks to Sam Gleason for engineering assistance on drums 
Mastered by David Travers-Smith
Album art by Emily Harrison 

Dedicated to Sebastian Cushing


Skyrockets on fire. 
Take these bridges off their wires. 
Drowned saints and poignant liars pounding flesh for their desires. 

Hold your horses, 
hold your horses, 
hold your horses! 

These bridges are burnt and remorseless. 

Burned all one night, burned all one night, 
these bridges, bridges, they burned all one night… 

She left before the sun. 
She left before we were done.